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The Sunday’s printing studio is suited to booklets, pamphlets, zines, newsletters, posters, flyers and leaflets. We have also printed 7” record covers, tape sleeves, invitations and bookmarks. We welcome all your ideas for printing projects.

We use only recycled, FSC certified or otherwise donated papers, and regularly carry a range of stocks from 80gsm up to 250gsm in white/off-white. We also stock 80gsm coloured paper, and a handful of colours in heavier weights dependent on activity in the studio. Our only printing method is Risograph, which is a stencil based process, using spot colour soy-based inks.

Riso MZ770e

A Risograph machine is a stencil based digital duplicator, which is incredibly energy efficient because it does not use heat and very little electricity. Unlike laser or ink jet printers it prints one colour at a time by passing ink through a ‘master’ which is attached to an ink drum. We have a twin drum machine, making it very quick and easy to print two colour designs. It can be printed from a digital PDF, or directly from the bed of the machine, like a photocopier. Files should always be provided as separated and black and white PDFs. See information in print-service and open-access for file types.

Ink colours

The Risograph printing process uses real inks! The machine has interchangeable colour inks and drums, which allows for printing in many different colours in one print job. Risograph printers use inks that are made from vegetable soy oil making it a sustainable printing process.

(Last updated: 21/02/20) we print in the following colours:

Black | Light Grey | Brown | Flat Gold | Medium Blue | Aqua Blue | Violet
Yellow | Sunflower | Fluorescent Orange | Fluorescent Pink | Bright Red | Green | Light Teal

We do plan on having further colours in the near future, and are always open to suggestions.


We stock a range of papers suited to risograph printing: recycled, FSC certified or otherwise donated. All our papers are uncoated and the correct texture to absorb the ink nicely. It is not guaranteed that paper sourced elsewhere will work with the printer and may cause waste and unsatisfactory results. As well as the paper we stock regularly, we have a sample book of different colours and weights and are happy to order in any special paper you require, we may however ask that you purchase the whole ream, as it might be something we wouldn’t normally be able to use or sell.

(Last updated: 09/11/19) we carry the following papers:

white & off-white | All A3

80gsm Steinbeis
80gsm Evercopy Plus
80gsm Evercopy Premium
100gsm Evolution
100gsm Context
120gsm Arden
135gsm Context
150gsm Context
190gsm Context
250gsm Context

colours - 80gsm

Light Blue / Pink / Yellow / Golden Yellow / Light Green / Bright Green / Salmon / Peach / Lilac

We do carry other white, off-white and coloured papers, but these come and go - check in with us regarding stocks at the time.

Plockmatic 310 Pro [collater]

This is a collator! This means that when you have printed each section of a booklet, this machine will then automatically set them into the correct order ready to be stapled and folded. Our Plockmatic 310 Pro is a ten station machine that can collate up to A3 in size. So, you can collate your A4 (and smaller) booklets. It works using a friction feed and can do up to 3,600 sets per hour we’ve not tested that bit yet

Duplo Autobookie Pro [booklet-maker]

Our Duplo Autobookie Pro is 'the perfect solution for short-run tabletop booklet production' and you know that's what you'll be making. It is a desktop sized, part automated machine that can automatically staple and fold booklets sized A4 and smaller. It can staple and fold up to 13 sheets of 80gsm paper; thats a 52 page booklet. Work down from there. If you're using a heavier stock, it will take less pages. Don't consider putting premium weight 250gsm stocks in here with 12 other sheets of paper, as it might struggle. It has a delayed timer meaning you can set your own feeding and stapling/folding times. The Duplo Autobookie Pro can ALSO be used as a simple folder if you take the staples out.

Ideal 4205 [guillotine]

The Ideal 4205 is a guillotine! It’s not a difficult piece of machinery to get your head round but it does have some limits, takes some concentration, and has a large blade - and a guard and safety lever - don't worry! It cuts paper and card. It can cut up to A3 in size. It has a 40mm pile maximum cutting amount, best at around 200 sheets of 80gsm or less. It’s perfect for cutting posters, flyers and booklets to full bleed and custom sizes. It’s terrible for cutting small things such as business cards. We wouldn't recommend using it for ephemera and printed matter smaller than A6 in size.