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Sunday’s is an artist-led print service based in Glasgow, and twinned with Good Press - a book-shop and project-space dedicated to the promotion and distribution of independently published printed matter.

The Sunday’s print-service is suited to booklets, pamphlets, zines, newsletters, posters, flyers and leaflets. We have also printed 7” record covers, tape sleeves, invitations and bookmarks. We welcome all your ideas for printing projects. We are also equipped to offer a design + print service, if you need a hand.

Be aware, our maximum print size is A3, and the Risograph does not print a traditional ‘full-colour’, however you can get nice effects with a four-colour process. Something to think on. Risograph printing is a beautiful process, but it does come with its own quirks and imperfections; you may see roller marks, ink coverage can be a bit patchy, and registration can be difficult. HOWEVER, that is what we’re here for - if you have any queries or thoughts or questions, please let us know.


All jobs differ, depending on complexity and paper choice, so just send us an e-mail, or drop in to the studio Thursday - Saturday 11am until 6pm.

To give you an accurate quote, we need to know the following:

What do you need printing?  [eg. booklet, poster, flyer]

What size? [eg. A3, A4, A5, A6 or something special]

Which colours? [eg. red and blue; “just black”; “five colours please”]

What kind of paper? [eg. “I know I want 100gsm”; “I’m not sure, something light”; “can I see some samples?”]

Do you require any kind of finishing? [eg. trimming, folding, binding]

How many copies? [we recommend no less than 30 copies of anything.]

Our e-mail address is: 


Lead times

Our printing days are (usually) Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Simple jobs, such as a single sided, two colour something should take no more than 36 hours (depending what day you send the file - if you send us the file on a Sunday contrary to the name we won’t be printing again until Wednesday. If you send us a file Wednesday morning, it should be ready for collection on Thursday afternoon.) 

Any jobs which involve more than 2 layers, or any finishing (such as trimming or binding) should be sent at least a week in advance, with more time depending on complexity of project.

We can print & bind stapled booklets. We do not do perfect binding. For perfect binding, we recommend Merchant City Print, or getting yourself an induction to Publication Studio Glasgow, where you can bind the printed pages yourself

It is possible to print outside of the studio hours, so if you’re in a bit of a rush just let us know, however this may incur an extra charge.

File set-up

PDF is best! All of our jobs are printed directly from Mac through a specific driver for the Riso MZ and we use Adobe Acrobat to do this. We can print from a JPEG, but we will always place and export it as a PDF, so if you can send us a PDF, please do.

PDF files must be greyscale and hi-resolution: 300dpi at least.

Risograph machines cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper so please take into account an 8mm border all the way around A3 artworks. If this is not applied, we will shrink your artwork to fit within the printable area (281mm wide x 404mm high)

Setting your files up for Risograph printing is very much like screen printing seperations. For a two colour print, you need two files. For example, if you are printing an A3 print, yellow and blue, you will need two PDF files, one for yellow and one for blue.

It is important to include the colour you intend for each layer in the file name. For example:


If this is not included, it may cause delays in your order.

We can help with file set up, it’s what we do, however this may incur an extra charge.

Booklets are a more complicated issue and so - we can help! Single page PDF’s are always best as we will use our own software to prepare these for printing for you. Again, these single page PDF’s will need to be seperated into your various colour files if you are printing more than one colour.

ABOVE ALL! If in any doubt, please just let us know!