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Sunday’s provides open-access studio time, for inducted members to fulfill their own printing projects. All of the facilities are available to members to book out between the hours:

Thursday 12-5
Friday 12-5 
Saturday 12-5

additionally, the studio holds an iMac with Adobe programmes to complete any file preparations, or to just come along and work on something. We also have an A3 scanner, which is set up with the iMac, if you use a MacBook, it is possible to connect the scanner to your computer using Image Capture. 

How do I access the studio?

To access the studio, you’ll need to complete a short induction session - upcoming inductions are listed at the bottom of this page. The session will introduce you to the risograph printing process, and how to safely use the printer, collater, booklet maker and guillotine. The cost of the induction covers a group test run on all equipment, and your first six months membership. Once inducted you will be allowed to book the studio via an online calendar which will be shared with you once your membership card is issued. 

What do I get as a member?

Access to printing and binding facilities
Space to store in-process printing projects but not forever!

Access to work-shops to develop risograph printing and book making skills
Hire of the studio to run your own creative workshops for the public.

15% discount off our print-service, if you’d rather us print it for you.

How do I use the studio?

Once inducted, the studio is available to book via a members-only link. It can be booked in 1hr, 2hr or 3hr slots. When making your booking, please use the comments to let us know what work you plan to be undertaking: how many colours, whether it is a poster or a booklet, how many copies and so on.

For projects using more than two colours, or which are double sided, it’s necessary to leave time for the first layers to dry. As such we would recommend booking across two different slots, or for something like a booklet, three slots.

If you have a project you would like to print but cannot make the usual hours, let us know and we are happy to stay open a little later, or start a little earlier when possible.

Open access bookings are partially supported, there will always be one of Sunday’s there to trouble shoot with you. However we do expect you to be using the equipment yourself. We encourage everyone to arrive with their files ready to go, but if you need assistance with print preparation we recommend that you book an additional hour and use the comments section of the booking form to let us know that you need help with your files.

All files should be brought on a USB stick, or if you prefer, as a black and white original to print directly from the scanner bed. We cannot link your computer with the Risograph machine.

You can book the studio as an individual, or a group of 2-4 people. All members of a group must have a valid membership card. For group bookings of more than 4 people, please do get in touch.
All consumables should be bought directly from us, we stock a range of papers suited to risograph printing: recycled, uncoated and the correct texture to absorb the ink nicely. It is not guaranteed that paper sourced elsewhere will work with the printer and may cause waste and unsatisfactory results. As well as the paper we stock regularly, we have a sample book of different colours and weights and are happy to order in any special paper you require, we may however ask that you purchase the whole ream, as it might be something we wouldn’t normally be able to use or sell. Be aware that special paper orders will take around a week to arrive.


Induction + six month membership = £15
Membership renewal (six months) = £15

Membership lasts for six months, at the end of that period, if you have been using the studio regularly and would like to continue to do so, it will cost £15 to renew, but you don’t have to attend another induction. If you have not used the studio during your first six months, or some time has lapsed since the membership expired, we will ask you to attend another induction.

Open-access session per half-hour (individual) = £2
Open-access session per hour (individual) = £3
Open-access session per hour (2-3 people) = £5

if there are more than three of you who would like to come along to use the studio, please get in touch.

Cost per master = £3 
Cost per ink pass = 2p 
Paper = variable, members will have access to up-to-date paper costs