Hello member!

Time to make your booking, which you can do so by visiting the MEMBERSHIP CALENDAR, clicking roughly around the time and date you desire, and filling out the form that pops up. Here you can let us know what work you plan to do and what equipment you need to use.

A few notes before you go ahead:

* you can book the studio for up to 3hrs at a time. The calendar will let you book for longer, but please don’t! We’d like to make sure plenty of people can get into the studio, and riso prints need some time to dry before printing the reverse side, or doing any finishing work, so just come back another day if you have a big project. 

* if you need help with your files, please book an extra hour than you need for printing and be sure to let us know in the comments box what you need assistance with. This way we can be well prepared for you, or let you know if the expertise you need are best fit to one of Sunday’s who’re in on a different day.

* the details of your booking, once submitted are public to all other Sunday’s members, so for the purpose of privacy we’ll identify you via your membership number.

* once you’ve made your booking and closed the browser window, you won’t be able to edit or delete it. If you’d like to cancel or change anything, just e-mail goodpress.sundays@gmail.com. Please let us know of any cancellations at least 24hrs in advance, then we can free the studio up for someone else.

* if there is an issue with your booking that we need to contact you about (eg. you’re planning on printing 100 copies of your novel in 2 hours, or more likely, we’re running low on a consumable you’d like or a piece of equipment is temporarily out of action) we’ll get in touch using the e-mail address that you provided at the induction.

* we’ll ask you to pay for your time during your session. Remember, for an individual that’s £3 an hour, for 2-3 of you that’ll be £5 an hour. 

* finally - don’t forget! You’ll need to bring an in-date membership card with you, if it’s expired, we’ll ask you to renew your membership before using the studio. This applies to all in a group, if you’re booking together.